Ever Wonder How a Toilet Works? Here’s The Straight Flush

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Some people would rather know as little as possible about how their toilet functions to remove waste from the home, just so long as the bathroom fixtures are working reliably. However, curious individuals sometimes find themselves wondering how a toilet actually works. If you need toilets installed to replace older, inefficient models with a water-saving […]

Plumbing Jobs Where Even Professionals Need Experience

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Plumbing issues are serious business, and you know that you want a genuine expert performing work on your home. Despite that obvious need, there are many services that fall under the umbrella of plumbing that most homeowners overlook. Even if you don’t need any of this work today, you want to be sure that you […]

How to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Happy

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A garbage disposal is an excellent kitchen helper, but improper care can turn your disposal into a smelly and dangerous appliance. Learn how to carefully operate a garbage disposal and ways to improve its performance and lifespan. Do’s and Don’t’s of Garbage Disposals Protect your disposal and yourself by sticking to these do’s and don’ts […]